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Business Insurance, Fort Mill, SC

Business Insurance

No matter what business you are in, each workday is dedicated to doing your job well and providing your customers with the best service possible. We would like to return the favor by giving you the coverage you need to ensure the security of your business. Here at Rickard Insurance Agency, we're committed to keeping your business protected so you can focus on your day-to-day operations without worry. As a truly independent insurance agency we represent many insurance carriers that enable us to offer you various insurance products and services that give you the best opportunity to find the success you’re aiming for.


When selecting auto insurance, many factors must be considered, from the amount of coverage necessary to state laws requiring coverage. To prevent losing your hard-earned revenue due to an automobile accident, you will want to ensure that your vehicles, drivers, and/or products are insured in the event of property or vehicle damage, bodily injury, legal costs, and more. With commercial auto insurance we will work with you to create a customized policy that may include collision coverage, bodily injury liability, comprehensive coverage, etc… Since commercial auto insurance coverage varies, it is important to discuss your business’s options with an informed agent who can help you determine the proper amount of coverage for your business needs.


Running a business is a major responsibility and can be very risky. You’re responsible for ensuring that your day-to-day operations run smoothly, and you are also accountable for keeping your employees and property insured from injuries and damages. We recognize that and can help you create a policy that is designed to safeguard the best interests of your business - so that’s one less thing you need to worry about and can instead focus on serving your customers. Commercial General Liability can prevent major financial losses if your business is sued or held legally responsible in the event of bodily injury or damage. With the right policy, you can have most of your medical expenses, attorney fees, settlements, and reimbursements covered. Since there are many types of liability coverages, it is important to talk with an agent about the best options for your business.


Business interruption insurance is crucial if your business is forced to cease operations while repairs are made. This may mean a complete or partial revenue loss depending on the time frame and the damage. It will help you replace lost income, rebuild your business, pay your employees and continuing expenses (like rent, taxes, etc…) until your business is up and running again.


No matter what business you are in, every day is a new risk. We offer a wide range of business insurance options designed to identify and reduce those risks, and recover quickly after an unexpected dreadful event. We currently offer commercial insurance through Travelers, Utica, Foremost, USLI and several others. When the unexpected happens, we’ll be here to help. Find out what we have to offer you today!

  • Apartment - Apartment buildings designed for owners of buildings used exclusively as apartment houses, including cooperatives
  • Building - Lessors of commercial buildings occupied by offices, mercantile and retail establishments
  • Business - Personal customer service, businesses repairing consumer goods, businesses engaged in printing
  • Condominium - Owners of buildings used exclusively as condominiums
  • Contractors - Small residential and specialty trade contractors
  • Garage - Independently operated or franchised automotive service and repair businesses
  • Manufacturers - Food products, leather goods, metal goods, paper products, plastic goods, rubber products, textile and wood products
  • Office - Medical, legal, financial or other professional services
  • Religious - Small churches and other houses of worship not affiliated with operating educational institutions
  • Restaurant - Fast food, family style restaurants, fine dining, banquet and reception facilities, caterers and larger family style restaurants
  • Store - Variety of retailers primarily engaged in brick and mortar commerce
  • Technology Office - Information technology firms
  • Technology Manufacturers - Manufacturers of electronics and instruments
  • Wholesalers - Distributors of various types of durable and nondurable domestic goods


As a business owner, no matter how many precautions and security measure you put into place, theft and dishonesty can still happen.  Without the right coverage, businesses can lose important data or experience major financial losses as a result of fraudulent activity. Allow us to help obtain the security you’ve been looking for.

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