Personal Insurance

We offer different lines of personal insurance in order to meet your demand. Whatever insurance policy you need, our professional agents will first sit and discuss with you about the different possibilities. Here are the different personal insurance products that we cover.


Homeowners insurance comes in several different forms. Your homeowners insurance can cover the infrastructure of your home itself, your possessions, or both. Your home can be insured to protect against natural disaster and personal liability, while you can protect your possessions in the case of theft or damage.


Car insurance is necessary to protect your one of your most valuable assets. Car insurance covers damage due to theft, fire, and any other accidents. Car insurance protects the passengers in the car for the consequences of any road accident. It gives financial protection to cover property damage, as well as any injuries caused to passengers and pedestrians.


Life insurance can provide protection to your loved ones in the event of a death. Life insurance can pay off your outstanding debts, like mortgage and loans. The insurance can also pay for child care and higher education cost.


This covers any damage caused to wedding attires and presents. Wedding insurance is required to cover uncertain events. For example, for any reason if the wedding gets cancelled then the insurance company will cover the losses.

Each of these insurance policies has specific clauses. For example, your health insurance may not cover any eye related treatment. Before buying the insurance policy, you must make sure that you have read everything carefully.